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Yeah, I’m a player.


   Just call me a tree hugger! More accurately, an herbaceous plant lover. I never thought I would say it, even after all my whole wheat glory days but I’m in love with the greens. I’ve never eaten so much green in my life. At first my body was like, whaaaaat? After a few weeks, I am craving them and drinking a few a day. I, Cheryl Clark, just said that. I took my temperature and I’m not halucinating or delusional. I want to jump up and down on my couch and shout it to the world… I love my green smoothies!!!

   I have only missed one day this month and that was because I was on the road and didn’t have access to my green, slurpee, homemade concoctions. Oh, how I missed it…

   There are a few things I have learned on my whirlwind romance: spinach may be the love of my life, romaine is the bad boy green – wild and alluring but a bitter heart underneath, and don’t waste your time on the cucumber – it’s an envious suitor that stinks up the entire collaboration just trying to impress you. Not worth your time. I have danced with parsley and flirted with mustard and collard greens. Don’t tell my mom but next week I’ll be partying with red leaf and butter lettuce.

  In all seriousness, I was really surprised at how distinct the flavors were. Greens are greens, right? No. I was sadly mistaken. I will keep you posted on this delicate relationship and where it leads me …cruciferous vegetables? Roots and legumes? The world of vegetables is my new playground. Yeah, I’m a player.


Visionwriters weekend


   I was so blessed last weekend to attend a get together of Visionwriter women in Palm Springs, CA. The focus of Visionwriters ( is journalizing, literally taking dictation from the Holy Spirit. Let me tell you, if you are willing to listen, He has a lot to say! I established a routine of daily journalizing and have been so enriched by the loving and healing that can only come from Him. 

    The best part about the weekend was meeting fellow visionwriters and sharing our personal stories of struggle and triumph. Some have been called to make huge leaps of faith and travel to unknown places, others have started the process of healing after a lifetime of oppression, and others are now capable of just sitting still in obedience (not as easy as it sounds). Every story that was shared was written by God’s hand, unique and specific to the main character, and I was encouraged by their diligence and blessed by their wisdom. 

Visionwriters, Palm Springs, CA


My visionkeeper, Cynthia and I, at breakfast. I already look like I've been crying!

January – 30 days of green smoothies


   The new year brings about January 1st, the first day of many unrealistic but well-intentioned resolutions. Because I know my track record for these sorts of things, I have decided to divide the year up into 12 categories – yes, you guessed it – months, and each month will present a new challenge. If I know anything about myself, it’s that 365 days is a long time for me to commit to anything but 30 days is palatable. Each month I will tackle a different personal mission including; health and wellness, intentional behaviors, and spirituality (I know that next December will include NOT eating every Ghiradelli dark-chocolate peppermint bark in sight). I will be a missionary in my own life. I’m not looking to change everything about my life, I like where I am at right now, but I am going to challenge myself every month to try and improve some aspect of it. 

   January is green smoothie month. My goal is to drink to my health and replace one meal a day with a green smoothie. I know for some of you this is not a challenge or anythng new but for me, green isn’t a food group I’m entirely friendly with. I’ve made vast improvements in my health over the past two years but I still struggle with getting my daily servings of the rainbow, not to be confused with tasting the rainbow, I can do that just fine. I received a wonderful blender for Christmas and I am ready to break it in. I have researched a few green concoctions that look – hmm, let’s just say refreshing – but if anyone has any tried and true green smoothie recipes please let me know.

   Since it is January 4th already, I will let you know that it has not been that bad but my smoothies are looking more purple with green specks than green. I took my regular protein shake (protein powder, vit c, frozen strawberries, blueberries) and added mustard greens, collard greens, and broccoli slaw to it. Every day I am tweeking it a little more to the green side. I have read about adding green powder but I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s to investigate the stuff yet. Again, any recommendations are welcome.  I will post pictures soon.