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Update on my March Dance Madness


     I have gotten lazy in my triumphant run for Wii Dance Champion. Do all athletes suffer from this disease of procrastination or Lack of I want to do-itis? I took a week off. It wasn’t supposed to be a week; it started as one day and then another and so forth. I have 10 days left to conquer over 20 songs which means I haven’t even made it to the Sweet Sixteen yet. The run starts again today…


March Challenge: Just dance!


     For those of you following the monthly challenges, all two of you, you may have noticed that I did not post a challenge for the month of February. It was a tough month of sickness in the house and mostly I’m just glad to have survived the crud that invaded my body. But, alas, March has come and it is time to set forth a new challenge.

     I have a 10k in a few months to start training for so I’ve decided on a physical challenge to jump start this old body of mine. Even though I love working out at the gym (don’t we all though), I have found some of my best workouts come from dancing. I don’t care what kind of dancing it is: club dancing, ballroom dancing, ballet dancing, or good old living room dancing. There are those moments when the music takes you to another place and you are riding the rhythms to where ever they take you. An hour later you’re drenched with sweat and begging for the next song to take you there again. What other workout have you ever done and you’re asking yourself, “Should I stop or just do one more song? Just one more song…”

That’s great and all but how can I make a dancing challenge, you ask? With the Wii, of course! The kids and I have become obsessed with the Wii Just Dance 2. We have spent hours trying to beat each others high scores and had some of our best workouts ever! My arms were never as fit as when I was the reigning Wii dance champion! So my challenge is this: I must dance every song and receive no less than 10,000 points for each one. That point level is mastery of the dance so I have my work cut out for me. No previous records stand so they all must be attained this month. I started on March 1 and have mastered 9 dances so far (my favorite ones so not too hard yet). I have 31 left. I may need a wheelchair by April 1 but I’m committed and will be the new Wii dance champion. Pictures or videos MAY follow…

Happy Honey-versary!


This was the theme for our 7-day whirlwind trip around the Southern Caribbean. Kurtiss and I were married 11 years ago by a justice of the peace in Colorado Springs. We had been together for 5 years, traveled across the country together, been blessed by our first child, Jaron and were awaiting our second to arrive. Neither of us saw any reason to spend a fortune on a formal wedding as we were hardly able to make ends meet. We didn’t care that the honeymoon would have to wait so we got married, went bowling, and watched a lunar eclipse that night. Fifteen years later, the time came and we were finally able to have a honeymoon on our anniversary, hence, the honey-versary. 

Kurtiss surprised me with a brochure from Carnival Cruise Lines. He opened it to the back, put his finger on the itinerary and said “This is what we are doing.” I said “OK” and the rest is history. We had dreamed of doing an all-inclusive stint at a resort on one of the islands but we couldn’t decide which island we wanted to go to and it was quite pricey. When he showed me we could go to all of these great places for less than half the cost I couldn’t complain. Pack my bags, I’m ready to go!

Day 1 – We flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico and had a few hours to walk around Old San Juan before boarding the ship. Unfortunately, it was raining pretty hard and we didn’t get to wander around too much. We boarded the ship and felt like little kids exploring a new playground. The ship was huge and we were in awe. There were 6 hot tubs, 3 pools, a waterslide, 3 food kiosks that were serving food 24/7 in addition to the buffet and 2 large dining rooms, a running track, full state of the art gym, a miniature golf course, 3 story showroom, pub, casino, piano bar, nightclub, liquor and duty free shops, and a huge jumbotron on the Lido Deck. Where to start…I was completely overwhelmed at the amount of things to do and had a breakdown after the first night because I couldn’t do everything! I wanted to stay up late and dance at the nightclub with tropical drinks in hand as well as wake up early and watch the sunrise over the water and get a first look at the island as we pulled into port. I wanted to spend each day on the island but with a different port everyday, I wouldn’t have any time to just chill by the hot tub or pool. I know, I know, really? Finally I calmed down and just relaxed, a much better approach. 

Day 2 – Our second official day was spent in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. This is known as the shopping port and every book we read said the best deals could be found here. We weren’t in the market for rum or jewelry which are specialties of the Caribbean so we just wandered around, buying a few gifts here and there. We took a taxi to Magen’s Bay on the other side of the island and played in the chilly waters. Our driver told us the locals don’t go in the water between December and February because it’s too cold. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t the bath water that everyone had raved about either. After a couple hours, he drove us to a few lookout points and back to the ship.

 Day 3 – Fun day at sea. We explored the ship and relaxed a bit. I made it to the gym to work off the massive amounts of food I had eaten and the deck to write for a little bit. Kurtiss was pulled into a Michael Jackson dance competition and got quite a few cheers from the crowd. It was hilarious! The formal dinner was that evening so we got all gussied up and had tons of pictures taken. When else do we ever get formally dressed up? We wanted it documented.

Day 4 – Barbados, West Indies – We had the morning to explore Bridgetown and signed up for a catamaran excursion to go snorkeling with some sea turtles. This was one of our favorite days and favorite excursion. After spending my life as a victim to sea-sickness, I was wary of the ship and especially going out on a catamaran but Praise God for the patch!!! Our travel agent had told me about it and I was sold! I was oblivious to all sea-sickness and was able to really enjoy my time at sea. I went snorkeling for the first time and we saw quite a few turtles, even a baby turtle. We swam to the shore and walked on the fine white/pink sand then returned to the boat for complimentary cocktails. Rum, of course. I wasn’t a fan of the rum punch but the pineapple juice and rum was yummy. We sailed across the sea, music on the deck, wind in our hair (really only mine) and drinks in hand. It was wonderful! 

Day 5 – St Lucia, West Indies – This was my favorite island. The island itself is very mountainous, creating amazing views around every corner. We took a 2 hour drive to The Pitons, two mountains shooting straight up out of the Caribbean Sea. We took a nature hike and learned about the cultural history of the island. We went to local markets and small towns to buy goods, although it could get a little high pressure, and it allowed us to really experience the island. 

Day 6 – St Kitts, West Indies – Zip-lining baby! Best day ever! We were the biggest kids flying over the rainforest, yelling, “Somebody a come!!!”, local lingo for here we come! We had the best instructors, two young gentlemen who were all about having a fun time. The only way it would have been any better was if we could have stayed longer. We went back to the port and shopped a little bit and I held one of the local monkeys, he was so cute.

Day 7 – St Maarten – We took a trip to both sides of the island, the French and the Dutch. The island is split and each side has its own flavor. We found a great market on the French side with lots of local crafts and artwork. We returned to Philipsburg on the Dutch side and took a stroll down the boardwalk and ate at a little bar. The sand was so white and the water so blue it was hard not to just sit and stare. We loved the feel of this island and would love to come back and explore some more. 

Day – 8 San Juan, Puerto Rico – Back in port on Super Bowl Sunday. We had decided to use our Marriott points and stay at a resort here and watch the Super Bowl since Kurtiss’ beloved Steelers were playing. Wow! We stayed at La Concha and it was amazing! The ocean view from our room was priceless, even after being on the sea for a week. We walked around and found a great breakfast place before we had to depart for the airport. P.S. If you are wearing the sea-sickness patch, wait until you get home totake it off. I got post cruise sea-sick (it is a real thing, I’m not making it up!) and threw up in the airport. Not so much fun! I was sick for almost a week and a half after the cruise. Weirdest thing ever!

Now, besides the sea-sick bit, I can’t wait to go on the next cruise – Italy, here we come 🙂

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