Monthly Archives: September 2012

I am thankful…


Lord, I am thankful.

I am thankful for the wild sunflowers and the low-hanging wispy clouds that could only have been from you as Bren drove us safely to the airport this morning. The check-in and security lines were short and you stopped my waterworks before I embarrassed myself too much as I said good-bye to the beautiful girls. Thank you.

Thank you Lord for providing two extra hours (via delays) to work on my drawing and the empty seat next to me at the Denver airport so I could spread my pencils and erasers out with abandon. Thank you for Starbucks in airports. I am grateful on the second flight that you filled the seat next to me with a wisp of a man, allowing my hips to fill the whole seat without the uncomfortable hip and leg rub. But really, you owed me after the linebacker you sat me next to on the first flight. No, that’s wrong. I am thankful that he gave up his seat so a couple could sit together and sought the only open seat left on the plane, the one next to me. Oh, and I almost forgot, thank you for your super natural powers extending the effects of Dramamine in my system even after the prescribed six hours. I would not have made it to the ground without utilizing the small white bag in front of me if you were not so equipped.

Thank you for the dishes that were washed and the laundry that was folded when I got home even though nobody was there to welcome me. I know these tasks were done in love and I might have felt sad or insignificant (ok, maybe I did for a moment) except that I know this is their love language and I know how rarely they show it. Little did I know that they were hiding upstairs, awaiting my ascent to assault me with hugs. Thank you.

Lastly, thank you for the sunset as the vibrant pinks and purples glowed on the underbellies of the clouds and the mountains stood as a strong and sure sign that you are. Thank you for speaking your love language.

I am thankful.




Still unfinished, but much closer to being done