Art School


This has been such an exciting last month. I have always wanted to take art classes, for as long as I can remember, but the situation was never quite right…until now. Bemis School of Art, a non-profit organization, offers an overwhelming variety of art classes covering everything from ceramics to watercolor. The teachers are fantastic, coming from the professional art industry and teaching backgrounds.
I was giddy as I looked through the schedule of classes, wanting to jump into them all but eventually deciding on a colored pencil technique class and an Anime class.
The colored pencil class has proved challenging. Who knew “coloring” could be so difficult? Well, it is an extremely involved art form, requiring much patience and forethought…raising kids has helped me there. šŸ™‚ There is so much to learn and I am literally in colored pencil kindergarten, scribbling away on the paper. I have learned that I am a “tight” artist, needing to see every detail through to the end before being OK with it. Tight artistry = many, many erasers. šŸ™‚ My challenge with colored pencils is erasers are not used as in drawing so you have to learn to work with what you have already laid on the paper. Ugh! Hence, the forethought. I can see this as the beginning of a lifelong journey.
The Anime class is almost the exact opposite, free flowing drawing and a “loose” attack on the paper. “There are no mistakes in art, only creative opportunities.” This is our teachers favorite phrase and it allows so much freedom. The instructor has created a positive-only environment, allowing us as artists to explore without fear. I am taking this class with Hailey, who is very interested in this style of drawing also and we have both seen improvement in our drawing technique through our “creative opportunities”. Unfortunately, this is a short class and we are coming to the end of it but I will definitely be signing up for another šŸ™‚
Here are some of our adventures in drawing:
These are some of the Monster High dolls that the girls love right now. The pictures of them make great practice for us.

My pics
2013 02 Valentines (5)
MH Holt
MH Abbey
MH Operetta

Hailey’s Pics
MH Abbey Hailey

MH Clawdeen

MH Robecca

MH Rochelle


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